“Before starting up my own business, I had always worked as an employee. So it was a bit of a shock to the system when I started to work for myself and had no colleagues to bounce off ideas or ask for support.
I attended Mary Jane’s talk on how to craft an elevator pitch and I found the practical tips which she gave really helpful so I decided to sign up for her laser call programme.
Our regular interactions over the past six months have given me useful guidance and templates on networking, milestones to work towards and lots of encouragement I can start to see the results.Mary Jane is genuinely interested in her clients doing well. 
After having a chat with Mary Jane, I always feel motivated to get cracking again. So I have signed up for another six months of laser calls and can’t wait to build my business further with Mary Jane’s support!
One laser tip Mary Jane gave me, and which I try my best to adhere to is: ‘Done is better than perfect’” – Evi Steegmans, Personal Stylist & Colour Consultant

“Before working with Mary Jane, I was very confused with what direction I wanted to take to pursue my goals. This lead me to doubt my ability to ever reach them. I was stuck in a corporate 9-5 job which I didn’t particularly like and found myself becoming frustrated with life. Although I was financially ok I was still very unhappy.
During the program, I decided to take a chance and actually discipline myself with the material and work MaryJane provided. After every call I found myself feeling positive and believing in myself to take the next step. This new found confidence led me to quit my 9-5 job and to go part time whilst doing what I loved, which is music.
With MaryJane’s program I always felt encouraged to do more. I found that the more I focused on the things I loved to do and actually took the right ACTION, the more I had opportunities open up for me. The sessions felt very natural as if I were talking with a friend I had known for years, with the end goal of pushing myself even more everyday.
As a result of learning what I have learned I was able to start a band, gig more, attend networking events, start recording my EP and most of all have a new confidence which allows me to express my creativity in ways I couldn’t have imagined.
I feel as a result of overcoming my challenges I am able to work at my goals even harder, as I know what it has taken for me to get to where I am today. The freedom to create as an artist is extremely important because it allows me to express myself in whichever way I choose and that to me is true art.
The key component I would say that has helped me along my journey is having ‘hope’ regardless of how impossible my goals seem. I think by me having even a tiny fraction of hope has helped me open my up life to new experiences and adventures.” Sophia Danesi, London UK

“Before working with Mary Jane, I had been unemployed for a few years, having been depressed after being sacked from my last job.
I attended an elevator pitch seminar run by Mary as I wanted to be able to answer job interview questions in an elevator pitch style.
When asked what my business was by Mary I made up on the spot the business which I am now starting for real!
Coaching and Wing-person services to adults with Asperger’s Syndrome that want to form empowered romantic relationships.
Mary became my coach and has been a resourceful support.
During the program, I began to see that I had the potential I had always been led to assume I’d not. I saw possibilities and the cliched light at the end of the tunnel!


After the program, I looked at where I had come from to where I had arrived at and saw proof that I can do what I desire to do.
I feel empowered having overcome the internal and external limits to achieving my dream.

Having someone help me recognise what I have to offer has been a key contributor to my life in recent months. I’ve been able to start my business and the process of getting the first clients!” – Debra Schiman, London, UK

“What a smart, intelligent lady…I’m really grateful to Mary Jane for guiding me towards a more successful outcome when I next attend a business networking event. I’m really looking forward to putting into practice what she has taught me!

MEMP9429With Mary Jane’s support, I’ve learnt how best to navigate a conversation that is directed with a purpose in mind, for example discovering whether the person I am talking with can help in any way with my business goals or whether I can be of service to them by helping to fulfill their goals in any way.

Without Mary Jane’s input I would have simply carried on attending lots of networking events without having much of a plan, whereas now I know I’m going to be in a much better position to resolve whatever challenge I am facing at that point in time in my business journey.

Thank you Mary Jane!” – Nadine Denneth, London, UK

“Before working with Mary Jane, I was feeling overwhelmed by all the changes in my life (moving to a new country, new job, different company organisation). I felt that I wasn’t doing my best at work and that I was no longer connecting well with people around me.
During the session, Mary Jane helped me to realise where the problem came from and gave me some tips on how can I actually act to move forward.
After the session, I started applying them and shortly results appeared: I have more and more confidence in myself, which leads to a better attitude. Networking became much easier. As a result, more opportunities appear, not only from a professional point of view, but also from a personal one.
It was helpful talking with Mary Jane about things to do, that I unconsciously knew, but I needed to hear to unblock what kept me from being confident.” – Ana, London, UK

“I believe most people are scared of networking and believe it’s something really difficult to do. After meeting Mary Jane and having a session with her I can honestly say that I changed my mind – and most important – my actions about it. Her simple, straightforward approach made me realize that networking is not complicated at all, you just need to make a plan and go for it! She showed me the importance of focusing in one crucial aspect: how to relate your experience with potential employers/clients/collaborators needs. Once I understood this, I felt more confident and optimistic about the next steps in my career.” – Mirela Lacerda, London, UK



“When I met Mary Jane at the Croydon Tech City, Women in Tech event, I almost didn’t say hello. My nerves often run away with me in networking situations. Before meeting Mary Jane, I began to miss out on opportunities to talk people, introduce myself and ask questions. I felt like I didn’t have my thoughts and ideas structured enough to ask to important questions; to warrant time with a person who I was shy of speaking to. I couldn’t put my ideas into clear sentences, I didn’t feel I had the right questions. Most people who meet me, don’t take me for being shy, but when it came to important opportunities to share my ideas, I felt intimidated. I felt unprepared.

In just a few sessions, Mary taught me about how to batch things; simplistically and literally, like thoughts and tasks. Mary has been amazing at helping me order my thoughts from the very start of my day. I’ve learned it’s important to separate tasks and put them in their place; giving them priorities and that these tasks can’t all take pride of place at the top of my lists.

Mary has also helped me see the fun in my business research, helping me learn that mistakes are simply learning curves and from my mistakes I have begun to prioritise the most important factors; what is important now.

Mary advises that finding time for oneself is fundamental and an inspirational practice that Mary preaches and with many of Mary’s ideas I found it liberating to be able to give myself permission, to give myself as much time as I need to balance the demands of developing a business.

I now allow myself the time to plan how I structure my day; my thoughts, conversations and tasks. I try to fit in time to relax, get physical, get creative and best of all I can now better structure my time to approach mentally consuming ‘important tasks’ like those to do with facts and figures with better ease now that I take on board the importance of reward.

My business started out from a passion to want to be outside, get gardening, be sociable, but in building my business, I spend a lot of time alone; a loJoyce-Veheary_avatart of time inside slaving over my laptop for days on end, but with Mary’s guidance, it’s this part of the business that I’ve also learned to love.

It’s amazing what a little imaginary carrot on the end of a stick to chase can be. Mary helped me figure out what that carrot was.

This has meant I have been able to complete difficult tasks with better time management and finally start spending more time outside working on my garden as well as my business.” – Joyce Veheary, Lend and Tend

“Before working with Mary Jane, I had difficulty communicating with people because I was really shy and did not have the confidence to start conversations with others. This problem made the situation difficult for me because I just started my own business and I needed to make it grow to reach my financial goals.

During the sessions, Mary Jane supported me to see that everybody is unique and that I did not have to change myself to be able to communicate comfortably with others. It was not easy to just throw myself out there and get the chance to meet great people and potential customers, but she kept encouraging me to do it.

After the sessions, my reluctance to meet other people became much less. I was able to attend several networking events and met some valuable contacts and prospective clients. That was a great achievement for me personally, and is really helpful to make my business grow.
Rainhard Susanto
As an introvert, I tell myself everyday that there are good people out there who need me to support what they are doing, by doing business with them, or just simply listening to anything that they want to share; and that I could be the right person to be able to help them. So I need to get out there and meet them!” – Rainhard Susanto, Kreya Visual Brand Design

Before working with Mary Jane I felt nervous abut networking and unsure how I could turn my passion into a profit by sharing with other people what I do.
During the session I got clear on many issues around networking; specifically about what I am already doing right and to build on my strengths and success. Her suggestions inspired me to just get out there and enjoy networking with different people.
Biggest insight? Practice and preparation are the key ingredients (apart from having fun with it).After the session I felt more comfortable about the process of networking and felt more confident to keep doing what I am doing. My biggest challenge initially was having cold feet about networking so my biggest success was launching into it.” – Eszter Rajna

Before working with Mary Jane, I would often miss out on opportunities to talk about my business with people who I might otherwise have partnered with.
After the session, I realised that when I didn’t ask, the answer would always be no! If I knew I was acting from a position of integrity, being transparent and authentic, then I was actually doing that person a disservice by not discussing my opportunity with them.
Now I have a new strategy: When I come upon a situation where I’m not sure which way to go – whether or not to introduce my business to someone – I’ll ask myself, ‘What if I was 10 x bolder? What would I do then?’. Almost 100% of the time, I’ll go ahead and take that next step.
The very next day after implementing this technique, I had two new prospective partners that I wouldn’t otherwise. If you’re experiencing the same problem, I urge you to give it a go.” – Ronan McClelland

“Before working with Mary Jane, I felt I was not as confident as I could be when networking at events or following up, this had an impact on the opportunity my business had to help people.
During the session it became clear that the techniques Mary shared were simple enough to put into practise and more importantly they felt comfortable to use.
After the session, I felt confident to use the strategies Mary provided and as a result I’m seeing my business grow. 
A key tip I picked up from Mary is; growth in networking and the business is in the follow up.” – S.Carmichael


“After Mary Jane’s workshop I felt really energised and fired up to start networking! At my next networking event, armed with key pointers from the session and more confidence in how to pitch myself, I felt much more at ease making contact with people and made some meaningful contacts. I also now feel clearer with how to ensure any future networking is effective.” – Melanie Gideon

“Mary Jane’s presentations on networking for shy and introverted individuals (or anyone else new to the game) are informative, engaging and helpful. I recommend her talks for anybody interested in learning about the ‘how’ of networking.” – Eszter Rajna

“Before attending Networking with Confidence with Mary Jane, I was desperately nearing the end of my tether.  My position as administrator posed no challenge and provided little stimulation.  
Its quite simple really: the workshop reiterated what a powerful tool networking can be when used and applied correctly.  
After the workshop, I now work as a Marketing Coordinator in strategic client relations and networking context and it is a requirement for me to meet with clients and build new networks with potential stakeholders on a daily basis.  I LOVE MY JOB! “- L.T, London, UK

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