From overlooked to overbooked


Learn the skills to master networking to get results and go from overlooked to overbooked.


Get the most out of your networking and go from overlooked to over booked in (4 weeks)!

Does any of this sound familiar:

  • Going networking or meeting people is frustrating and a real struggle, because not only are you sick and tired of people trying to sell to you when you go, but you don’t make great connections and are not making money from it either.
  • You worry about being pushy and salesy and, in the end shy away from even asking to stay in touch.
  • Maybe you even are fed up of just being hit on and feeling awkward and defensive at events.

It’s much more comfortable behind your computer screen, right?

I totally hear ya!

And I am glad you are here.

I am Mary Jane and I spent months struggling to get out from behind my screen and go networking on a consistent basis to build my business.

Initially, I started out thinking that having a website and a logo was enough and that my clients would find me (with the help of some online marketing)!

When that didn’t happen and I got myself some online support and I heard my mentors tell me what I had already read in the business books – that I should go out networking to meet people and get clients!

But while I knew it I didn’t want to go!

I really didn’t!

You see I had up until that point been the quiet, geeky tech support and was really uncomfortable just being in a roomful of strangers and struggled even when I wasn’t talking!

Fortunately at this point in my business I found myself receiving a scholarship to an event out in California and receiving the support, community and information that changed everything for me.

I discovered what it was that I was missing and was able to not only go networking and enjoy it, but also get clients and make money too!

All without being pushy or salesy or having to compromise my values!

I want this for you too!

I want you to be able to go networking and make great connections.

To have networking be fun and lucrative at the same time, without having to worry about being pushy or being hit on.

I can help you to feel really great approaching people and looking forward to going to events, even if people subject you to the hard sell!

If you don’t learn the art of networking you miss out on all the wonderful opportunities and gifts that are being guarded by the people that you meet!

If you haven’t learned to network meeting people feels awkward and uncomfortable, you don’t hear back from people, don’t make money, feel frustrated and stuck, and the people you are here to serve miss out on your amazing gifts too. That doesn’t help anybody!

You want to have a way to network that:

  • allows you to be yourself and make money at the same time (without being pushy or salesy)
  • matches your values and attracts your people to you (so you waste less time, money and energy meeting people)
  • sets you up to make fantastic contacts that turn into clients, referrals and collaborations that grow your income and impact

It’s time to get out there and inspire your clients, because I know that what you offer makes a difference and I want to help you.

Introducing…From overlooked to overbooked (in 4 weeks!)

In this virtual training program you’ll receive:

  • Checklists, templates and systems to support your learning
  • A step by step approach to networking effectively and efficiently (so you save time and make the best use of the events you go to)
  • The surprising tricks that make networking fun, especially if you are introverted (and allow you to make fantastic contacts)

Here is what you will get in each seminar:

Seminar 1: Discover the best events and places to meet your people  

Seminar 2: Connect with your people once you get there

Seminar 3: Share your expertise and position yourself as the expert

Seminar 4: Build the relationships with the people you meet and get the yes to working with you

Yes! I am ready to go From Overlooked to Overbooked now!

When I enroll in this program I’ll receive:

  • 4 Content-Rich Seminars so I can listen to and use these tips and tools again and again
  • Action Plans (filled with templates, checklists, samples and more) so I have the step-by-step support I need to actually go networking and maximise my impact and results
  • The first 3 people to invest will also get a bonus one to one phone session worth £166!

My investment for this money-making toolkit: £197!