Can your people see you?

As an introvert entrepreneur one of the major challenges we face is making sure that we can get in front of our audience.

As introverts our need to recharge on our own can lead to us indadvertedly hiding ourselves away and withdrawing from the world at large.

However if our people can’t see us or find us, then how will they get to know us or like us and eventually buy from us?

I’m sure you know that for people to buy from you, they have to know, like and trust you and I am also sure that when people get to see you and know you, they do like and trust you.

So how do you make sure that you can keep being seen as an introvert entrepreneur?

The best way to do this is to build in ways to recharge into every day.

It’s essentially about making sure that every day there is enough energy in our tank to see us through so that we are never depleting ourselves too much (and then need to hide away for a long time!)

It’s about taking a look at our tank at the start of the day and seeing if it’s full or in need of a top up, then making sure that we plan in an activity or two that will top up the tank and never let it get under 50%.

Ideally we keep our tank as close to 100% as we can and top up way before the tank gets to empty.

When our tank is as close to 100% as we can keep it, it’s often so much easier to get things done as well as to be seen on a continuous basis.

When it comes to marketing in business consistency is something that builds up over time. So if we can start marketing e.g blogging, speaking or FB live broadcasting and keep showing up on a consistent basis, it builds momentum and traction over time that helps to bring your people to you more and more.

If you’d like support to find ways to maintain your energy while consistently marketing your business then get in touch.

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How to not beat yourself up

When you are an entrepreneur it can be a lonely journey and unlike when you have a job, you likely don’t have someone else who pats your back when things go well.

In fact if you are like most entrepreneurs you might find you beat yourself up for falling short of your goals.

It’s not easy when you feel you’ve fallen short of a goal to not beat up on yourself and to actively encourage yourself to keep going, and if you want to succeed then it’s useful to have some strategies to support you to go easy on yourself.

Since I’ve experienced the unexpected loss of my Auntie* back in February I’ve struggled with not beating myself up for being unable to save her. I don’t share that so you can feel sorry for me, but to show that I intimately know this feeling of failure!

It’s been, as you can imagine hard to deal with the sudden loss, but the added burden of not being kind to myself has made the past almost three months challenging to say the least.

I’ve had days where I have been beset with grief and sadness and been unable to do anything for my business, and because of that beat up on myself for not getting things done. Clearly that just made me feel worse!

Maybe you have had a time when things were hard and you found yourself beating yourself up for not doing something, or perhaps doing something and not getting the results you expected?

Something that has helped me to move through this challenging time and not allow myself to beat myself up for too long, apart from reaching out for support, has been to imagine I was listening to a friend talk to me about the exact challenges that I am going through right now and consider if I would talk to her the way that I talk to myself.

Would I consider a friend who had lost someone they were living with unexpectedly a failure for having emotional days and finding it hard to get things done? No!

Would I consider them lazy or bad for feeling grief at the situation? No!

So why then is it OK to think that about myself? Hint: It isn’t!

That’s why I am sharing it with you, because if I can see in my distress that beating myself up is not helping nor how I would treat someone else, why is it OK to do it to myself?


You might be thinking, “Oh, but I am not experiencing grief or anything like that”, and that may be true, actually I truly hope that you aren’t, but I do know that whatever your circumstances you are doing the best that you can, and despite all feelings and appearances to the contrary, it is enough!

You may need to get support or more information or strategies or resources, however beating yourself up does not move you closer to getting them. In fact you’ll probably find that beating yourself up does more harm than being compassionate with yourself.

I know I have!

If you’d like more support to be compassionate to yourself then reach out and let me know!

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*Not my biological Auntie, but a family friend who was living with me that I considered a second mum.

How to tackle doubt

Do you find yourself being stopped from getting into action in your business?

Maybe you get stopped by either external events in your life or internal resistance. You might even be wanting to get into action and finding that things or feelings are getting in your way.

What you really want is to be able to take consistent action toward your desires and feel really good about it too.

That’s why you need to know how to tackle doubt.

Watch the video below.

If you’d like support to tackle your doubts, let me know!

in order to tackle your doubts you need to grow your awareness of how it shows up, the reasons you use to not take action, develop a clear vision that you are committed to and break it down to small steps that you can easily take action on.

If you have any questions or comments, let me know in the comments below.

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How to stop pushing and striving to get clients for good

Often in life we get taught that we need to work hard, and push and strive to make something happen.

It causes us to work harder and harder, and try to cram in so much more into our days and often we end up stressed and burned out.

What if we could still have things work out without burning out?

Now what I’m saying might sound “woo woo” and out there, but hear me out. If you have ever found yourself setting a goal and doing everything you can to get there, but find that even with all that work, the goal just seems further and further away then this is for you.

I’ve definitely been there being desperate for clients, living on my savings trying to make my business work and grow by going networking and speaking. Doing consultations and finding that people just didn’t want to work with me, no matter how hard I tried.

Hearing people say no and I can’t afford it/ don’t have the time or whatever it might be and all the while the money is disappearing.

Maybe you can relate?

It can feel like running faster and faster toward your destination only to find that you’ve been on a treadmill all the time! Totally tiring and frustrating!

The issue is that in constantly striving to attain something, whatever type of goal it is, we can focus so much more on getting there instead of the journey and who we are being in the moment.

The best way to avoid falling into pushing and striving, and eventually burn out is to make sure to take time to take care of yourself first.

That could mean by making sure you eat healthily, get enough sleep, drink enough water, exercise, meditate, soak in the bath, colour in, journal, play with your kids, take pleasure in your body, or whatever it is for you.

When you are feeling good and taken care of, then your being becomes a source of abundance and is attractive to people and opportunities alike and it becomes much less about struggling and striving, but opening and receiving.

That doesn’t mean there isn’t work to do, but that it feels more fun and enjoyable.

When I took the steps to do this for myself and make sure that I was taking care of my needs I went from struggling to make sales to easily converting clients. All because I shifted how I treated myself!

It can feel challenging to do this. We might think we’re being selfish if we take the time to do this, and I promise you that when we take care of ourselves first we have so much more to give!

If you’d like support to take care of yourself first give me a shout.

I’d love to hear in the comments something you commit to doing today to take care of yourself.

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Productive vs busy

Do you ever feel like you do a lot of stuff, but it isn’t necessarily productive?

How do you make sure that with all the things you have to do that what you spend your time on isn’t just busy work, and is actually moving you toward your goals?

The thing is that we are all busy, we all have things that need to be done and that keep us busy, whether that is tasks for our businesses, like creating our next program or course, or new opt-in page or what have you. Or tasks like getting the broadband upgraded or balancing our cheque books, keeping our home clean and tidy and looking after our loved ones (this includes ourselves!).

It’s vital if we want to succeed in business and have fulfilling lives and relationships that we use our time wisely.

As Carl Sandberg said time is the coin of our lives and we need to be mindful of how we spend it and avoid other people being able to spending it for you.

Essentially what that means is that we need to prioritise our time so that the tasks that move us to where we want to go get the time they require.

So if we want to succeed in business that might mean prioritising marketing and sales tasks, like going out networking and following up with the contacts you’ve made, over creating a course.

On a day to day basis it means prioritising the tasks that require more concentration and blocking them in first and then filling in the rest of the time with the smaller tasks as and when.

This great video explains it a bit better.

If you want help to prioritise your rocks then get in touch.

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An insidious facet of fear is the voice of doubt. The voice in your head that says, “Are you sure?” “How can you be certain?”

Sometimes it is useful to question our assumptions, to more thoroughly test and discern our thoughts, feelings and path of action.

Often though that voice, that questioning, that doubt slows us down, or even stops us in our tracks causing indecision and allowing fear to take over.

I see this all the time when it comes to people getting support for their dreams. They are excited and enthusiastic to sign up and take the steps toward their dreams, but their doubt about how they will find the money or time stops them from taking that step forward and being able to get the support they need.

The doubt kills their dream because they don’t see that saying yes would show the universe that they are willing to do what it takes, despite the fear and uncertainty.

The truth is that nothing is life is certain, except for change and death and they both can occur in a myriad of ways. Rather than spending your time investing in worrying about how things might happen, it is more productive to invest it in creating what you actually desire or getting as close to it as you can. Sometimes life has something better in mind so taking action, but being open to the result can really magnetise the most amazing opportunities your way.

However if you stay in indecision, doubt and fear, you never get to see the support that comes in when you say yes to your dreams.


“Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.” – Suzy Kassem

If you’d like support to get past your doubts then get in touch.

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The Power of Hope in Business

Have you ever felt like running a business is like pushing a boulder up a hill? That you’re running and running and nothing is happening? That no matter how much you work and promote you just aren’t finding the right people or opportunities and you may even be thinking about giving it all up.

It can be tempting when times are hard to pack it all in. To help you keep going when that happens you’ll need to unleash the power of hope in your business.

Starting a business can be a little bit like unleashing Pandora’s box as there are many obstacles and challenges that follow the step of opening the business making box.

However as the Greek myth suggests there is something that can help us at the bottom of the box to overcome and defeat the challenges that are unleashed and that is hope.

Hope is like the rainbow that comes in the midst of the rain storm, and the stars that come out when the sun sets.

A few weeks ago I was feeling pretty low and sad as I was processing some of the grief I felt about my Auntie’s passing. I was on my way out to an event at the tail end of a rain shower and looked up.

I saw the rainbow in the picture and I smiled, because it reminded me that while there may be rain storms they often pass (especially here in the UK!) The rain waters the earth and the plants and some how things will be OK for me as well.

The trick when things are hard is to look around us for the signs that things are working out.

It could be like it was for me, a rainbow. It could be finding a penny or some money as you are walking along. It could just be the smile of a stranger in the street.

In business terms it could be that you have spoken to more people than you have the previous month, or that you have reached more people through your Facebook posts.

The more that we can tune into these the more that we will receive.

If you want to you might like to keep a list of all these moments so that when you lose hope and feel like things aren’t working out, you can remind yourself that that are instead.

I’d love to hear what hope moments you have in the comments below.

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If you’d like more support to tune into your hope moments, give me a shout!

Be careful who you hang out with

Researchers have found that the people around you have more of an influence on your life than you think.

If your friends’ friend loses weight then you are likely to lose weight too. Same for starting or stopping smoking and even the amount of money you make.

So if you aren’t making the kind of money you would like to make in your business then it is worth taking a look at who you spend the most time with.

I’m about to date myself, but when I was a young girl the big thing that the other girls in school were into was boy bands. I remember my older sister being really into a particular band for a short while and then because she was into them and I spent most of my time hanging out and playing with her, I got into the band too!

Even after she had moved on to the cooler R’n’B music that started to appear, I stuck with my love for this particular band and I am still a fan of the more recent 3/5th reconfigured version too. Feel free to pop your band guesses in the comments below!

I must say my music tastes have varied and changed a lot over the years depending on my mood and who I am spending time with.

To give you another example I recently met a lady who because one of her friends was cutting sugar out of her diet, decided to join her and had been sugar free for a few weeks at that point.

Obviously music tastes and food habits aren’t so key when it comes to running a business, but often as introverts we spend a lot of time with people we know already, family and friends. Now, unless our family and friends are entrepreneurs already, this can really hold us back.

In order to make sure that the people around us aren’t holding us back, it’s important to develop a network of like minded people and even people who have achieved what you are wanting to do, because then you utilise the power of the network to your benefit.

If you find the idea of growing your network daunting then please do get in touch, I’d love to support you.

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Let it flow

Recently, I’d been struggling with getting my thoughts out on paper, and I struggled because I was aware of my inner critic wanting to edit what was wanting to come out before it was fully down and out.

What I found really helpful was to just allow myself to type out the thoughts as they came to mind, instead of trying to make them perfect the first go around.

That then meant that I had several documents opened and lots of different thoughts that had popped out, but it did mean that I was able to use that process to come up with a potentially viable idea for a blog post without getting too caught up in making it perfect.

Instead of worrying about sense and editing it as I was typing, which I’m prone to do, I just let the thoughts flow out and onto the page.

What I found was that it freed me up to just share what was on my mind and then to go back and edit what I had written later.

I was able to polish up that I had and get it published in a much shorter time than if I had sat there and forced myself to stick to writing something useful and sensible right out of the gate.

Considering this was my first attempt at writing a blog post since my Auntie passed away, it was a much easier, compassionate and gentle way for me to get writing again.

I have found that when I let things flow in general, whether they be words or emotions, things do get much easier and it is much easier to get started again. So why not give letting it flow a shot the next time your stuck for something to write or say?

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If you have thoughts you’d like to share pop them in the comments below and if you’d like more support to do your business in a way that works with you then get in touch!

What do you do when you can’t focus

You know how it is, you have a deadline and you need to get that proposal out or the email sent, or the blog post/ talk/ article written, but your brain is firing off oh so many thoughts.

Kind of like a web browser running a lot of tabs, your a bit slow and sluggish and trying to find the tab that is playing the annoying music in the background.

It might seem counter intuitive, but I’ve found that the best thing to do in those moments is usually something else.

Maybe that is take a nap – if you’re so tired you can’t keep your eyes open!

Maybe that is go for a walk or do a different task.

Maybe that is mediate or do some colouring in.

All of those can help you to be more productive when you get back to it.

Something else that can help is to journal or get some support. Especially if it is about something you are worried about, or unsure about the next step or action to take.

Often just getting the thoughts out of your head and on to some paper, or out in the open and heard, can bring clarity and lighten the load you might have been under.

All of these require that you go easy on yourself when it happens though and not beat yourself up for getting distracted. If you are an achievement junkie that can be pretty hard to do, and the more that you can accept that everyone gets distracted now and then, the more that you will be able to do something about it. The more you resist and beat yourself up, the worse it feels.

So next time you feel like a browser with too many tab open, why not try closing some down by journalling, getting support, or taking a break and doing something else to calm yourself down and see if that helps.

If you have another way to get your focus back, I’d love to hear it in the comments below.

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