About Mary Jane

Mary Jane Boholst is the founder of Conscious Cocoon and has supported hundreds of introverted, new and established business owners to network successfully and enjoy it at the same time.

She is passionate about helping business owners to master networking because her own business suffered in the early days due to her own introversion and shyness and she knows the power that networking has to success in business and otherwise.

Not only does she know first hand what it is like to turn your life upside down by starting your own business, she also has qualifications in hypnotherapy, counselling, IT and a degree in Psychology and Communications engineering.

She regularly speaks at a number of venues and networking groups in London.

In her spare time, true to her introvert nature she likes to read, knit and play sing star, when she isn’t spending quiet time with her family and loved ones. She is looking forward to celebrating her nephew’s 3rd birthday early 2018 and visiting her spiritual home, California again too!Mary Jane

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